Converting a list value to a string value

Hi, im pretty new to Dynamo and im trying to make a script that can set project information based on info from a Excel file.

I downloaded a package called “MisterMEP” because it has a node that can set project information based on strings from code blocks. Ive tested if the node works with code blocks, which it does perfectly. I have been trying to use that node, but instead of code blocks i want to input values from an Excel file.

Now to my problem, it seems like the node doesnt recognize the input im giving it. It just puts out a “null” message.

The “Set Project Information.Python2” node seems to want “var”. How do i make my output correct so the node accepts it?


Hi @Mordeton and welcome, what happens if you access the items within the lists, i.e. x[0][0], x[1][0], x[2][0]?

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@Elie.Trad Thank you! That worked perfectly!

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