Tagging Doors by Room Number with doors to extior

I have compiled a script to tag doors by the room that they swing into. It uses the swing from room if the swing to is a corridor or a fake “EX” room. This works fine for what it is. However, if ANY single door opens to or from an unlabeled space (such as an unenclosed space, or unmarked room) it destroys the entire script. this is because there are more doors than list items.

My question is this: Is there a way to fill all unmarked spaces with a “dummy room” for the purposes of the script?

Even if all the information for said room were “null” they’d then have a place holder in my sorting lists.

Normal Working:

Exterior doors pre run:

Exterior doors post run:

Current Work Around, that I would like to avoid:

Can you show screenshots of your graph?
If it’s just your list structure that’s off you might be able to get by with an If statement or something that can return a null or “none” value as a placeholder.

I deleted the door on the far right of the corridor. This issue is there should be 11 elements in all three lists. Since there are some doors that touch un-roomed spaces there are elements missing.

What package is Get To-From Room from? You could try setting the list level to @1 for Elements on that node.

That would likely still return a null value for rooms to the exterior. We need to see the rest of the graph to know where the Element.SetParamterValueByName is happening. @avargo can you do a camera export of the graph (top right corner) at that zoom level?

Right. Which I think would be OK in this case. At least you would have matching list lengths. However it could still be an issue down the road.

neat trick. I think i’m going to use that more often.

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The node is from BIM4Struc

fixed, there was a line inside the “to-from room” node that was filtering out nulls. Removed the filter, and rebuilt it in my other filters.


Interesting use of the BIM4Structure nodes.

Could you post the Graph with the fixes?

Open the “Get To-From Rooms” node, and delete the object.isNull and BooleanMask nodes.


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