Door belongs to room with names in a priority list


I am stuck at getting Dynamo to write room names to doors according to a priority list.

If a door has either to/from room name to a bathroom this should be writen to Mark
Then if a door has either to/from room name to a Kitchen, this should be written to _Mark, and so on…

like a priority list that could be made in Excel : 1. Bathroom, 2.Kitchen, 3.Sleeping room…4,5…

If to/from=1 then write 1 else write 2,else write 3-or something

Later I would build on this to get the room id of this toom so i could extract more information fromit to the door

Also i have trouble to make a string of to/from room names when the door is not in a room on one ofe the sides. Because then the string would be blank and not listed

Any Ideas?

Hope the example below helps convey the idea to an alternate approach…


Thank you.
But how would you suggest making pairs of the to/from rooms when either the to or from is empty(not listed)?

Should work even with empty strings in the list…

However, if I correctly understand the intent, I don’t think you should Transpose after SetIntersection in your last post.

i just wonder about the to/from node i am using:

I read somewhere in the forum about making a node in python:

“Keep in mind that for some doors that swing into spaces that do not have rooms assigned (exterior) will return a None value. If you want to use these values in some sort of a filter fashion then you might have to skip over None types since it wont be able to use them as an argument.”

And i dont get a value,even blank,for those siuations. which means that I cant merge the lists correctly because it dosent exist in the list

I am trying to sort out the null values(doors that dont have to or from troom) before I feed them into “get parameter by name”
But then I have to rejoin the list and keep it in the same order as when coming from the python node.
How is this possible?