Tag the non 2x4 walls

Hi everyone,

I have less knowledge about the nodes in Dynamo. I needs to make a script to tag all non 2x4 walls. I do not know that why my script does not work. Could you please help me to fix the nodes for this case?

Thanks everyone for spending time on my topic.

Hi @hibuiTKZV6,

Can you enable all previews under nodes so we can figure out what’s going on in your picture ?
What version of Revit are you using?

Hello @Alban_de_Chasteigner ,

I am using the Revit 2022.
I posted the picture for previews under nodes. In the current project, there are two 2x6 walls. I am not sure why the final node is empty list. Could you please help me to find the problem?

Are you meant to feed in your ‘out’ lists instead of your ‘in’ lists?

The Create Tag node is now Empty List. I think it should list walls like the ‘out’ lists like the FilterByBoolMask node.
This file runs completely but it could not show the tag for non 2x4 walls.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear. Your BoolMask nodes have an empty list for the ‘in’ (true) output. Because you are feeding empty lists as an input into ‘Create Tag’ you’re going to get empty list as an output.

The BoolMask nodes do have data contained in the ‘out’ (false) output. If this is the data you want to use for creating tags, then you need to use the ‘out’ output instead of ‘in’.

Edit. I also note your input for ‘TagLocation’ would be a line. A tag needs a point as a location. You’d want to get the start/end/midpoint of this line instead.

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I understood your explanation. I will try that way to fix it. Thank you so much :grinning: