Tag rebar according to number and not letter

HI all

so I am tagging bars according to the slab which they are running in. So if its slab 1, the tag would read LB-1. The thing that I want to change is instead of it saying LB-1-1, 2,3 it should say LB-1-A,B, C etc.

I have a similar script to rename the steel so if it has two of the same comments it will rename it to RB1-1 and RB1-2. So how would you tweak this so it can name it to RB1-A and RB1-B?

Hi @technitutors

I can’t really see your graph and the code in the code block, but you can set the letters up like this and push those into another input in your code block. There may be a way to set the letters up like this in a single code block, but that’s above my pay grade.

Node to Code, gotta love it


heres the graph. How does one tweak this
renamelBEAMS.dyn (36.5 KB)

Which ever part of your graph that is adding the number value to the end of the mark number (highlighted below), replace that with the code block that I gave you.


You will need to flatten the list and then feed it into your next code block, so change the code as shown below.