Change quantity the tag reads

Hey all,

I’ve been working on a script to tag the different kinds of rebar in a structural Column.
My final step in this is to change the Quantity of rebar it reads.

In my head I have two solutions to this:

  1. Add the other Rebar as a host to the specified tag. (I know how to do this manual, but would like Dynamo to automaticly do this).
  2. Add a text parameter to the Rebar and change the value of this with the Dynamo script. (Then read out this value with the tag instead of the Quantity).

Option 2 feels a bit like a temporary cheat/work around.

Note: the rebar is now all placed individualy with layout rule set as Single. My third option would be to change the layout rule and place the rebar with this. This would only mean I do need to change my other Dynamo script I created to place the rebar Bars… (I hope to change nothing/as minimal to this script). Simply changing the layout rule would not work at this moment since the rebar will be placed in a vertical line and they should be placed at a horizontal line.

Below is a picture of the column and the tags that belong to the rebar in the column. The host of these tags are the rebar bars most to the right.

Hope some of you have some thoughts about this or maybe some other solutions I am not thinking of currently.

In my opinion, let the tag do what tags do - read parameter values back. The automated portion is just getting values that you want into rebar parameters. Decide what information you want to show in your tag (and how) and then make parameters for each of those values if they don’t already exist. Then all you need to do is make a script to automate filling out those parameters and maybe a little math in some cases. This also means that manually editing values is as simple as filling in a parameter. Don’t overthink it. :wink:

I always fall back on using schedules for this type of stuff. Assuming your column and rebar are all part of an assembly, use a parts list assembly schedule for what you need. The schedule would be dynamic and would automatically update if anything changed about the rebar sizes or quantities. Using Dynamo would not be dynamic, so if anything changes, you would have to re-run the script. Just my two cents…

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Thank you both for your replies!
I might change my script later on or might implement the schedules, but your opinions helpt me to take a new viewpoint of what I was trying to achieve. I have build a ‘simple’ way to achieve this for now. This script is for my Thesis and I might change these later on and in a more efficient way. For now I am just really happy it kinda works as intended, but I’ll take some advice in consideration for my recommendations and my future development and implementation of Dynamo.

For anyone interessted I Attached a screenshot of this part below.

It is very useful, please upload your script.