Tag only untagged from certain family type

After selecting the planviews i want, i search for the elements on those views that are already tagged.
i want how ever to select only the elements that are not tagged by that specific family type tag.
i manage to see where there are tag’s and what element is tagged more than once, but i don’t realy know how to get the correct info in a final list.
i marked in green and blue where there are elements that are taggedmore than once.
i need to see what elements are tagged with family type tag 1 and what with family type tag 2,
so i can make a selection and tag the elements that dont have that family type tag yet.

can somebody give my some direction.

Tag UnTagged EF elements by Family Type in selected views.dyn (59.7 KB)

To make sure I have this right, you have a collection of Electrical Fixtures, some already have Tag1, some already have Tag2, some might have both, and some might have none. Is the end result you want for all fixtures to have Tag1 + Tag2, with appropriate offsets?

To answer one of your questions, grouping the elements can help with organizing your tag relationships:

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Gives me an error.