Table package

It would be great if someone could develop a package or node that would display list information as a table like this. If the package already exists pls. let me know.

Can the data be written to Excel? Are you trying to import that data back into Revit as a schedule? Looking at the values in your image, I am a little confused by the numbers. 1,2,3,4,5,67,8 . . . just having a hard time imaging that range.

Do you know Python? You in theory could make your own node and package if you did.

A bit more information might be helpful here.

I am looking for a way to visualize a list as a table in dynamo without having to export it out to Excel. This is to make it easier to read information from lists. I know currently there are nodes that will draw charts in dynamo and I imagine that writing a user interface like this would not be that much more work for someone that knows programming very well. The image above is a sketch of what I would like this node to look like.

I am not very familiar with Python but would like if anybody could point me in the direction of where I can find information on how I can create a node like this.

Thanks in advance.

Just an idea: you could take a look at how Springs.Watch+ from Spring Nodes is constructed

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There is also a node called Schedule.ExportToExcel in the Haeahn package that could fulfill this function as a workaround. Actually, Excel.WriteToFile opens an Excel sheet directly too, so creating a custom node out of all this shouldn’t be very difficult…

I am sure i saw this developed somewhere a few years ago - have just had a look at the NodeModelCharts package - but that didn’t do the trick, anyone aware of its pure imagination or have i indeed seen this node somewhere in a package?

I’d say look into data shapes. It has a node that can show both a table and also provides a button in the same UI to export to excel.

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I am trying to work around the data shapes package to convert dynamo list output to a table, but I couldn’t find a node that exactly does this. Could you please mention the name of the custom node?

It’s this one:

Thank you, Gavin. I was able to get the table.

From the table, I am trying to select a specific cell (here it’s B) and export the data of that selected cell. But, the result I am getting is the complete list.

Are there any ways to resolve this issue?

Not that I’m aware of, its written specifically to export the whole table using data shapes.