Table/List Join?



Is there anyway to do a table join in Dynamo?? I have properly numbered rooms modeled and now want to start mapping parameters from an excel sheet by matching the room numbers. Attached is a screenshot that hopefully will clarify what I am trying to do.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.






Do you want to insert values in each sublist or append to the end for example? Both are possible.

Append to the end…I think.

For example, in the bottom list I would like to add a third index [2] that contains the corresponding value in index [25] Building Services. Like this:

[39] List

[0] Room 185946

[1] 2cc

[2] Building Services


Does that make sense??

Thanks for your help.


I would do it totally differently. If your excel is organized by Room then either each row or column contains complete set of data pertaining to that Room. it will also contain that room number parameter that you want to use to identify the correct room data. It’s actually an easy Excel search that you can do to find the key value in question and return an entire row of data for that key. I can forward you a little Excel crawler that i built some time ago to do just what you are describing - when I get back from my weekend retreat. :slight_smile: Send me an email on Tuesday.


I would be interested in checking out that Excel Crawler but I am not sure I fully understand what you are proposing. Right now, I have all the rooms modeled and properly numbered. I also have an Excel file organized by Room number with a dozen other parameters (e.g. Department, Function code, Use Code, Facility Condition, etc.). How do I connect the two??

Ultimately, I would like to ‘push’ all the parameters from Excel into the Revit rooms. My intial thought was to create the joined table I described above and I could use a simple Element.SetParamterByname node to map list indexes to the corresponding room parameters. See attached for what I am thinking.