Systematizing key figures in Revit

Hello Dear Forum, I’m rather new to Dynamo, but I’m getting a feeling that if I learn it might help me a lot…

Right now, I’m on a task where I need to systematise key figures to save time and hard work.
Therefore, I am currently working on a office building, where as key figures are crucial point for the customer.

My idea: In keyfigure image, you could see where I manually have done some simple calculations for different values that are the key figures that need to be measured per Level (Level in swedish is PLAN, key figure is NYCKELTAL, workingstation is ARBETSPLATS, meetingspace is MÖTESrum etc. )

So to be more specific:
I want Dynamo, to calculate how many workstations (family type) there are in each level.
Then I want to use this number to divide to my different key figures, like forexample workstation per toilette (W/T). To see how many people there are per toilette.
Okey, unfortunately im a new user so i cant upload any more images of what i am doing… But Right now I have managed to get all workstations family typ per level into Excel, and with the same parameters i’ve also chose for example the toilette family and then I do the calculations in excel. So if I on Level 3 have 120 working people, and 10 toilettes I will have the number 120/10 = 12 people per toilette.

This I want to do with Meetingspace, Netto Area etc, and then get to a textfile like the one in the image into a sheet.

So sad I cant upload my dynamo file tho, difficult to explain my method… But glad for any help!

Looking at my image from revit where I’ve done the calculations manually there is a Key figure per Plan (LEVEL) see image