Syntax for creating nodes in' Structural Analysis for Dynamo'


I am new to Dynamo and have been trying to develop a script to control Robot in order to design a simple four-walled structure.

From what I have seen, there are many Robot functions that cannot be accessed from the Structural Analysis library. Examples of these include:

  • applying a pinned support along the bottom edges of the structure. The only option i seem to be able to access is AnalyticaNode.SetSupportByName which results in supports applied to the four corners of the structure
  • applying a varying load along the height of the walls to represent soil backfill for example. The only option i can see is UniformSurfaceLoad.ByPanels

Is it possible to perform these actions in Dynamo?

Also, is there a resource e.g. a technical reference guide to aid users in developing their own Dynamo nodes using the Structural Analysis package?

Thank you