Switch Join order

Hi All,

How can i switch join order for elements. Is it possible to have all elements join in the same matter whichever way they started?


In my previous post we the help of Ben i was able to join elements but unfortunately its joining the other way round i need to switch join order. I tried to use IF Statement but not able to get the result.

Any suggestions?

See the link I posted in the previous post for the SwitchJoinOrder Method.

Hi Ben,

I read your post and tried a lot but not able to get the result. You also mention in post you have a script that takes all struct columns and floors. Can you send me that script. It might help me.


The line of code you are looking for is:

result = Autodesk.Revit.DB.JoinGeometryUtils.SwitchJoinOrder(doc, elementA, elementB). You can drop this into the script from the other thread (replace the JoinGeometry line with this line)

To gather all elements use “Categories” node followed by “All Elements of Category” node. Set the Category to “Walls” to gather walls, “Floors” to gather floors, etc…

Hi Ben,

Its working now. There will be two scripts one for joining and the other one for switch join order. Though it is possible to do it in one but its my bad that i am not able to do.

But i don’t mind using separately. Once again thanks for your continuous support.

Hi @Evelyn

If it possible, Can you send the python code for switch join order ?.

Thank you