Sweeping custom profile along curve

Hey there, im having a little trouble. As shown on the graph below. im creating circles and extruding profiles along them.

The problem is, i dont want to use a rectangle, but i want to use a custom profil. I did get the polycurves for the desired profile. The problem is when i feed it to Solid.By.Sweep i get an error. Im guessing, i need to place my profile planar, on the curve i want to extrude it along. But im kinda stuck with that part. Anyone?

Thx in advantage :slight_smile:

could you share the file?
intuitively I think you may need to have the profiles oriented to the start of the rails but I could be wrong

Can you post a picture of your dynamo preview?

You are totally right, that is what i need to do :slight_smile: The problem is now, that the profile just lays out flat on 0.0.0 :slight_smile: So how do i get the profile to be set on the rail? i will upload the dyn. fileCircles.dyn (38.5 KB)

You will need to Transform the geometry of the Polycurve so that is is re-oriented onto the Planes.AtParameters of the Reference curve.


Hey Ewan. Back from the holidays, hope you are there still :slight_smile:

From wich package do you get the Count and repeat node? I will try out this workflow :smiley:

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It is from the โ€œSastrugiโ€ package :slight_smile:

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Thx, so much :slight_smile:

Thx for a great solution :slight_smile:

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