Sweep 3D Polyline from CAD


I have done a search on this forum and others, but I could not find the solution I need, I have succeeded in this program but has a glitch, hope someone can help fix this issue.

What I am trying to Do?

  1. Select 3D Polyline from CAD instance (Polylines and Arcs etc.)
  2. Select Profile
  3. Sweep the profile along the polyline

Sweep does not keep the plane of sweep parallel to XY plane, at the start of each segment plane get rotated, please see attached Image. In plan view, the width of sweep should remain same for each segment.

What this program can do,

  1. Create roads
  2. Sidewalks, Curbs
  3. Earthing Strip
  4. Any linear element which has up and downs, twist, and turns

Attached Program and image showing problem

Sweep-3D-Polyline.dyn (47.8 KB)

See if using Curve.HorizontalFrameAtParameter works for you.

Sweep-3D-Polyline.dyn (73.7 KB)

Your version not working at my end Dyn Ver. 1.34,

Did some modification but it is not one continuous object,

Please replicate all steps of the graph I’ve provided above.
Solid.By Sweep was consciously replaced with Solid.ByLoft and the nodes used support this workflow.
If it works, you then then try variations.

.dyn file is corrupt, can you please resend, appreciated.