Swapping detail group types


I am trying to select all instances of a detail group, and swap theyr type (basically, swapping a group instance for a type to anther).

I can get a list of elements (the groups to be swapped) but I cannot find a way to change their type to another.

I know there is a node that changes type of elements, but it requires a Type ID data, and detail groups do not seem to have that parameter…

Any suggestions?

thank you



@Giovanni_Succi Please post your dyn and rvt files (or a link)

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okay, here is the graph…

thank you



Apologies I’m not at a PC…

… but I believe if you set the Type parameter by Getting All the group Types and filter to get the one you want it to be (by Name and String Contains?)…

That might just work :slight_smile:

This graph does some of that as part of editing a parameter in a group, some of the nodes are depreciated but you shouldn’t need those!..

Hope that’s of interest,

Thank you Mark,

but I am not sure we are talking about the same thing here.

The guys was renaming its groups’ names.

I wish to swap them: Get all instances in the project of a detail group, and choose another group from the type pull down, which replaces the groups with another type…

Can this be done with dynamo?




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It works… pretty simple actually, but your brain needs to bend and fold around Revit API madness…

The script needs a ON / OFF input, then finds all instances of two specific detail groups in the project and swap their type to type one, for input ON, and type two for input OFF.

I know why you guys keep putting up with Dynamo and Revit: it’s about the endorphins that your brain releases when the frigging script finally works… is it not? :slight_smile:

Thank you