Surface.PointAtParameter - points doesn't follow the edge


I am trying to ad point at the not parallel edges of a slab. I’ve selected the face and made a definition in Dynamo, but the points from slated edge doesn’t follow the line. how should I solve this? can anyone helpme?

Still searching for a solution and not found yet…:frowning:

Why not to get perimeter curves of face and divide the required edge.


This is because the surface you see in Dynamo is actually a Trimmed Surface. This is a Grasshopper for a Surface which has been sliced of modified. The Bounds (Parameters) of the surface lie outside the surface.

Red line representing the original surface.

A way to work around this kind of problems is the following:
Extract the Perimeter Curves and Find the curves opposite from eachother And create points using Curve.PointAtParameter (Also what @ingenieroahmad is suggesting :))


Thanks a lot!

I see now how I should proceed! :ok_hand:

Another alternative is using Geometry.Intersect and lines by vector :slight_smile:

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This method can help with surfaces which are not vertical in nature (and is a few less nodes):

Note that none of the provided solutions are true parameterization anymore, but that isn’t what you’re after at this point. :slight_smile:

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