Surface from intersecting lines

Hi guys,
any ideas how to create individual surface from intersecting lines?

Something to try:

  1. Build a surface by lofting the 3 arced lines.
  2. Extrude the lines into surfaces by 2 units using the normal of the surface at the nearest point to the middle curve from each line.
  3. Move all the extruded surfaces by -1 unit along the same vector you used in 2.
  4. Convert the surfaces into a polysurface using a Polysurface.ByJoinedSurfaces (this will work even if they don’t touch.
  5. Use a Geometry.Split to divide the lofted surface from step 1 into subsections at each line.

thank you but for some reason i get the following error

Didn’t realize you wanted the individual cells.

Split by the lines, then by the curves.

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