Surface.Difference, which package?


So what i am looking for? monocle says nothing? 2 weeks ago the script run well!

OOTB i can´t find



It’s an OOTB node from a further release than you are in. :frowning:

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so OOTB means “Out Of The Box” Node - how do i deal with that? who is Jeeves?

Yes - OOTB means out of the box, means it’s a part of Dynamo Core.

To get this node you will have to upgrade to a newer version of Dynamo. Dynamo 2.3 should have the node, which means from a Revit perspective you will need Revit 2020.2 or newer. If you are in a mixed environment (not recommended) you will need to upgrade to 2020.2 to use a graph that leverages this node.

oh… the problem is i use Revit 2018.3.3. with 2.0.4. Dynamo
can i just copy this node?

Nope. There are a multitude of work-arounds though.



and others. :slight_smile:

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