Surface.bysweep 2rails problem

I have two splines by Revit.

I would like to control them by Dynamo within the Dynamo environment and get them back to Revit…and there create the surface

I made Dynamo read them and I would like to create a surface that join those two splines.

I have thought about using the sweeping node by 2 rails.

unfortunately I am not able to create the right profile or probably there is a better way of approaching it. I am not sure how that will work (a polycurve is not equal to a curve?)

I cannot change the fact the splines are coming from a 3ds Max idea, than re-edited to Revit. bandicam 2015-02-16 15-39-33-484Thanks for your interest.


I am sorry I have found the relative easy solution, using the node line by two point and it worked. Next question would be how can I read the coordinates of the point located at the beginning of the spline once I move the spline in order to get the surface following the movements.