Surface.ByPerimeterPoints Problem

I might be a bit rusty at Dynamo. I’m simply trying to create 2 surfaces with the Surface.ByPerimeterPoints node. The surfaces are created fine in Dynamo but output null for some reason. I’m assuming I have to convert to some type of geometry or select the surface in REVIT to continue to do operations on the surfaces? (Nothing in REVIT either than I can find). Thanks.

Try this:

Thanks for your feedback. More annoying is that I opened up Dynamo today at lunch to work through your suggestion and the surface populated.This is annoying since I didn’t change anything and have little idea why it’s suddenly working.

There is definitely something going on. I got a similar result (Autodesk prefix helped):

I found this on a different thread:
Do you have Rhynamo installed?

I am sure there are other people in the forum that know the answers to this.

I hope this helped.

No Rhynamo Installed. Just a straight update version of Dynamo into REVIT 2017. Trying to learn something from this situation at least I now know and can add opening and closing Dynamo fixes things sometimes. The Autodesk prefix fix is good to know as well.

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i had something similar but then in relation with Rhythm package

Point.ByCoordinates(0,0,0); is working in my code block
do you have another packaged installed?

Just some of the mainstream packages: lunchbox and clockwork.

try uninstal lunchbox

(clockwork have i also installed)

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If this was a namespace issue then the code block calling the points node would be throwing an error. Not sure what the issue is but if you call the point by using node to code t should clear things up.