Surface.ByLoft operation failed

I am trying to create a surface by cross-section but the operation failed.
I got the following error message:-

Warning: Surface.ByLoft operation failed.
Unable to loft! : LOFT_SDK_SECTIONS_NOT_SET – No sections have been set

You have errors on all 4 nodes displayed here
It might work when you solve those first

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You are absolutely right, but these nodes created the geometry desired so I ignored those errors, but the ignorance failed me at Surface.ByLoft node.

The Curve.Offset node is the error source, it shows me the following error:-
Warning: Curve.Offset operation failed.
PolyCurves may be branching

thanks a lot for your help

Try adjusting the Dynamo working range, or multiply all your inputs by 10 or 100 or even 1000, and see if the error disappears

Hi @hend_gamal

Could you drop here relevant files? It will help others who is trying to help you.

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Attached source file
Towers try 02.dyn (92.5 KB)

The only error i found was here

But all values in the list came out as 90 so you could make it a static value.
The error said Warning: β€˜βˆžβ€™ is being cast to β€˜Double’, but the allowed range is [-1,79769313486232E+308…1,79769313486232E+308]
My geometry settings are set to medium

I ran the Script using all the geometry range I have (including Medium), it gives me the same errors

I use
Revit 2020.2
Dynamo 2.3.0

You are right about the Angle value, I just wanted to make it more like parametric

I ran the script in Dynamo 2.5 sandbox