SunSettings Altitude Units

Hey! I’ve been trying to create simple line between two points using Sunsettings nodes : Azimuth and Altitude for solar studies. I purposely don’t use Ladybug - I want to make it from scratch and learn something by doing it.

So far I was able to create a line from a point that seems to be aligning to shadows created by neighboring geometry.

Now the problem seems to be with units given by SunSettings.Altitude node - the value seems to be way too low to translate one end of line to match it with the shadows produced in 3D view.
Empirically seems that adding manually about 1100 (model is in centrimeters) brings ‘sun’ end of the line closer to its real altitude - but of course this isn’t correct.
Can you help me out? I skimmed through forums and haven’t found the answer.

Are you using the altitude as a distance or an angle?

Yes I realized yesterday i’m a chump… it should be used as an angle of course :slight_smile: case closed

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