Extracting sun azimuth and altitude setting from multiple views

Its my first approach to Revit API.
I tired this because I need extract sun vectors from sunsettings. Like 10 vectors from 8am to 16pm.
To do that I try creating some views and applying to them diffrent SunSettings then using api as below.
I get two diffrent SunAnsShadowSettings but the azimuth given are the same and altitude are empty.
For sure I’am missing something or doing wrong, any advices?
Thanks in advance

Views = UnwrapElement(IN[0])

SunSettings = []
for View in Views:
	SunSet = View.SunAndShadowSettings

SunAzimuths = []
for SunSetting in SunSettings:
	Azimuth = SunSet.Azimuth
SunAltitudes = []
for SunAltitude in SunAltitudes:
	Altitude = SunSet.Altitude

OUT = [SunSettings,SunAzimuths,SunAltitudes]