Subtract two solids created from TIN surfaces


I’m new to Dynamo and playing around to see what could be useful ways to incorporate Dynamo in my daily work.

One thing I would like to be able to do is to create solids from TIN surfaces and then subtract the created solids against each other. Creating the solids was fairly easy, but when I try so subtract the two solids nothing happens, not even an error. The two solids remains.

Is this not possible with Dynamo or am I missing something?

Hi @heada ,

When working in Dynamo you essentially create another workspace, this is seperate from the host workspace, such as Civil or Revit. In your case you have created Dynamo solids using Object.Geometry. In Dynamo you will automatically see all geometry previews unless you specifically turn them off based on the toggle of the preview per node.

In this case turn off the node preview of both Object.Geometry nodes

Thanks, that did the trick to show it correctly in Dynamo, same problem persist in civil 3d though, with two solids without any subtract. What am I missing to translate this to Civil 3d?

You need to use the node Object.ByGeometry to transform Dynamo geometry back into Civil3D geometry.

Perfect, thank you for helping me out! :slight_smile:

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