Sub-lists: Get varying number of items from Sub-lists

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to get a varying amount of items from sub-lists, please see the image below:

List 1 as shown contains the sub-lists where i want to retrieve a varying amount of items.

List 2 as shown contains the items i want to isolate in another list, so in this case i need from List 1s sub-lists: the first three items from sub-list 0, the first three from sub-list 1, the first two items from sub-list 2 and so on.

My current script arrangement isn’t working, i have also tried using the with the list.getitemsatindex and the list.chop nodes with the wrong results.

Could anyone provide me with any ideas please? I have tried quite a few arrangements but no luck as of yet.

Thanks in advance! If you need anymore info let me know.

Hi @Tom_James

Change Lacing to longest for “List.GetItemAtIndex”.


You’re a star! Works perfectly thank you.

I’ve never read in to lacing lengths before - i’ll be sure to have a read.

Thanks for your help,