Stupid question - how to run DLL

Sorry, I know nearly nothing in Dynamo, just basics. All I need at the moment - to start a C# Revit app. It doesn’t have any inputs and outputs. Just a runtime entry point. It runs well from Revit menu.
I imported the DLL file and placed a node:

It runs and doesn’t give any error. It is good. But it doesn’t do any job. It is bad.

Should I do something else to make it running? Please help.

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Just a question, what would you like to do it in dynamo if it does not have any input nor output? I suppose it always needs some input namely a push on a button in Revit. Probably that is what it is missing here. I also don’t know if you can use the same dll that you use in a Revit menu in Dynamo. Probably @Thomas_Mahon or @JacobSmall can help you with this.

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Hi Allard,

Thank you for the reply.
Here are answers for your question:

  • Suppose the application just counts a number of elements in Revit model and puts the number to an external TXT file. Such application doesn’t require Input/Output.
  • It is the same DLL and we use to run from Revit menu. And the same entry point. It runs well on menu button click.