Dynamo Command Line Interface?

Found https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/wiki/Dynamo-Command-Line-Interface , which gives directions for running headless Dynamo. Has anybody got this running for/within Revit?

I tried this, but nothing seems to happen:


Advice appreciated.

Hi @truevis, the CLI won’t run in the Revit context :frowning: it constructs a new headless Dynamo, but doesn’t know anything yet about Revit.

You could look into the Dyno project - or file a request on our github.

also, if you do test this further without Revit and need any help, please ping me on github @mjkkirschner -

If CLI has no connection to Revit, what can it be used for? File I/O?

How does Dyno hook into headless Dynamo + Revit?

You can ask the author of Dyno that question, but fundamentally that addin is creating a DynamoRevitModel (kind of like the app class of Dynamo for Revit) and then commanding it to open files and execute them.

If you are interested you should look at source for Dynamo Revit and what happens at startup. … or at the CLI source, its pretty simple, they are fairly similar.

File IO is one idea, but there are many uses for programing languages being run from the command line besides Revit interaction. For example if you have Revit or another Autodesk product installed you should be still able to access Dynamo’s geometry engine from the command line in this way, you can make Web requests, you can compute any number of things, execute python and design script nodes, etc etc…

With FormIt + Dynamo, is the Dynamo on the cloud part running CLI?