Structural Pedestal Column Family Top Elevation

I tried doing some searching and wasn’t able to find anything that has already been created. Our current workflow for working with Pedestals is using a concrete column family that we have named as being a Pedestal. For the Pedestal Schedule, there is a “Top Elevation”. Using the default “Top Offset” will only give you the offset of the Top Level not from 0’-0". Maybe this is not the proper workflow, but I was able to create a dynamo script to gather the top elevation height + top offset to give the “true” top elevation. However, in my script my last action “Input value to paramter” always give me null for the answers. The script does run though and populates my schedule correctly, just unsure why it is giving me a null answer. You can see in the “Get Paramter” group that it is setting the parameter correctly (after doing a second run).

It’s correct, the node Parameter.SetValue gives no output.
Usually node Element.SetParameterByName is preferred, you save one node and you get the Element as output.


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Okay thank you for the information. I think I will keep with Method 1 as the Parameter.ParameterByName at least shows me the information I am wanting to see. The ByName just gives me the family instances that is really of no use to me.