Structural Framing update elements


I created my project’s roof framing through Dynamo. I imported the points from Rhino (using Mantis Shrimp) and generated a curve in Dynamo which I then use the “StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve” to make the structural framing. This definition is very straight forward.

My concern happened when I had to update it a couple of weeks later. The node “StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve” holds the element during the execution and when the model is closed. The problem comes when the node get a warning or is interrupted. It loses the elements and then creates new elements in the model. This is a problem because many elements are tagged, have dimensions and used in details. I’m anticipating handing off the definition, or being on vacation. I would have someone run the definition that might not be familiar with the project but could possibly get a warning and generate new elements. I think I’ve even found myself accidentally generating new elements.

Is it possible to identify the structural framing elements and update then to a new location along a curve? I feel that after the geometry has been generating that we can just update the framing location with the new points from Rhino.

In case anyone else is interested I was able to update framing element along a curve and maintain the element ID. Here is a sample.