Structural framing Tekla values to Dynamo possible units issue

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Has anyone tried to export Tekla values from beams in to dynamo. I’ve set all the values to one in the project environment but for whatever reason it show a random number in dynamo. Is this a conversion problem by any chance? Please see below.

Excuse one of parameters showing moment as a force it’s been spotted already.


What seems to be happening is the kilonewtons value is being transferred between kilo newtons to feet for some weird reason(to Feet :open_mouth: and see attached). But as a note the revit database saves all values in imperial units but the values you see( “As value String”) are how you decided to show units via project units.

As you can see the value in the revit data base is similar to a metre to feet conversion of units but if you can access the “As Value String” you can get the direct value.

This post may be able to help as well CFM and Units, something is awry


Thank you very much, I thought it be some conversion somewhere. Where in Revit is that Snoop parameters dialogue box?

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You need to install Revit api look up addin to get snoop parameter dialogue box.

It is a addon called revit lookup and it has a few versions(one for each revit)

Installers for revit lookup is available at

@James_Washbourne Dynamo is said to be “unitless”, but thats not the case for most parameters. I posted an issue here:


Is there a 2016 version of this? I’ve downloaded the package from this link, but there doesn’t appear to run exe. file to install it and there nothing in the readme to tell you what to do.


Try this:


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