Structural Framing By Curve.Dyn Grpah Deleting Previously Placed Beams

When I am using this attached .Dyn Graph; It is deleting the frame members that I placed previously using this graph. How can I prevent that ?

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Hi @shefypattambi

You are not specifying Levels and Framing Types is there any reason or you have forgotten?

That graph was having around 84 Mb. So I Jus took a screenshot to show the graph. It is worked very well; but if I change family types and run the graph again then it will delete the structural mmebers which placed previously buy this graph.

I would like to ask you is there any diffrence in the result that runing a graph directly by open it from dyanamo user interface page; and running the same graph using a dynamo player ?

Are you sure this is the file size of a dyn file? Looks like your PC is affected with some kind of virus.

This Graph was used to create around 50000 Structural Framing Members at one time and it took around 6 to 8 hour. The proceesor is intel xion with 32Gb ram. I feel that during this operetion dynamo has created some kind of link with revit and stored some types of curve data with it. Thats why may be it deleting when i change my family type and run the graph again. I am not sure.