Beam by Curve is not following the input curve

Structural FramingTestSet02.dyn (221.3 KB)

I am trying to generate framing as per reference wall. For first one it’s ok but the problem is when I am trying running it on the second wall. Top and bottom horizontal stud is not following the input curve, and getting generated keeping a joint from the previous framing. I have attached the script along with this mail. Please suggest if there is any other way to by-pass this problem.

It might be because the location curve of the beam can only be a straight line or an arc (circle segment). If you feed it a nurbs curve or spline I think it would default to a straight line version of the input curve. Just a guess though.

Edit: If this is the problem try creating an arc or multiple arc version of the spline using Point.AtParameter nodes.

Thanks @simon_murphy1 for your quick reply. Yes, I have already faced the issue and taken care of that already. I am feeding a Curve or Arc only and still getting the issue.