Begginer struggling with a Bool Mask. Thanks in advance

I am a beginner at Dynamo. Working on a graph that will tag columns at a specified level. We tag our columns at the level above with an (A) tag and columns at level with a type tag. I wanted to automate that as we spend time verifying we are tagging the right column manually according to its level.

So Im having trouble with this Bool mask. I need an input for level, I converted that to a string to filter my list of columns by contains. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe use a Watch node, so you can see what you are doing.
Connect the watch node to the output of another node.
You can also hover over the right bottom of a node to see the output in preview


Hello @jsanford …you could try level name instead of string from object

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Please share your .dyn file :slight_smile:

Try this:


Tag_Columns_By_Base_Level.dyn (35.9 KB)

where did you get the list.equals node? I dont have that, is it a package?

I have tried this input a few different ways, a plain string, a string from level, a code block. I think it has to do with the output from getting parameter values from base level. i have noticed inconsistent functionality in Revit filters when trying to filter columns by base level as well, in order to color code them. there is some bug on the backend here I think.

Alright…i would go with this @EdsonMatt showed :wink:

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yeh I have started doing that. I am getting a good output from my getparameter node, I have a list of 8 items. for some reason my contains filter wont accept that though. i am wondering if there is a python solution here, I suspect some oddness is going on with the way Revit handles base level for structural columns. I have had some odd functionality in filters when trying to filter by base level as well.

It’s not a custom package, maybe you’re using an older Dynamo version, but I’m not sure. But you can do this workaround:

Thanks! Yeah I looked in to it, I am on an older Dynamo install. We have to keep our standards in 2019. Looking at upgrading right now. this is brilliant :slight_smile:

Hey so I ran into another noob problem here where my coordinates for my tag offset will only work on the second run, and wont work in the dynamo player. I was hoping you could let me know what I am doing wrong lol