Structural columns - assign to proper base Levels and add Column Location Mark?

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to create structural construction elements (Floors, columns, beams and foundations) in Revit (2021) based on predefined grid. I almost made everything but currently I’m struggling with following and I would really appreciate your help:

I made a script which creates points and furthermore lines based on grid input.
Using the points I created lines and grids from them.

After this step I run the script again to generate structural columns based on the same points (and vertical lines trough all levels)

1 - When the grid and columns are generated in Revit - I noted that all my columns are actually have the same Base level but different base and top offset instead that columns of each story have Base Level assignment to that level. Any help for this?
2 - All structural columns don’t have column location mark even though they’re created on the grid. Any help to create columns containing this info directly from dynamo or any workaround to add it automatically?

I’m sending a part of the script which generates mentioned grids and columns. (Dynamo script (2.6.1))

Hello and welcome to the forums!

When I tried running your script I noticed that several nodes were frozen. Unfreeze them to help a little.

I also noticed that the Column Style is “Slanted - End Point” . I am wondering if since you are using points to help generate the location that revit is selecting this?
I also noted that the grid was rotated, but yet the columns were not.

I am not sure how to fix these issues, but might be something to look into some more.

Thanks for reply.
Yes, I accidently left nodes for creating columns and grids frozen, by unfreezing it - everything should work.
In the sliders you can adjust the grid spacing and its location and rotation
However, the columns are created from the points and I didn’t find the way so far to align them with the grid-lines. When the columns are created - they are created as slanted - End point driven, but with wrong Base level assignment.
Unfortunately I can’t attach screenshots from revit but the script should be enough.
I noted a strange thing - when in revit these autogenerated columns - slanted - End point driven - convert into Vertical - they got Column Location Mark - but I’m not sure if this should be valid behavior.