Changing Column Style is generating Error


Hi Everyone, I am trying to change the Column Type from end point driven to Vertical. But the problem I am facing, is it’s working fine when I am doing it individually but each time I am trying to run it with the whole script its giving the above mentioned error in Revit. Can someone please suggest a way to bypass the same.


You do realy weard stuff :wink: . Did you flex your column families? columns when they are not modeled well, the volums get in trouble by Base/Bottoms-offsets.



These are out of the box families that I am using. Probably when I am changing the column style it’s not getting the Cross-Section Rotation parameter…just a hunch :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Actually check, if your cross-Section Rotation Parameter is stored in every family! even when it is not in use. that’s crusial for family-replacemnts! (like FamilyTypeParameter-issue)

Vertical Column doesn’t have Cross-Section Rotation parameter.

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Maybe it’s the Rythm node? Have you tried getting the FamilyType from the FamilyInstance and then using the OOTB SetParameterValue node?