Structural Beams on Reference Plane

Hello! I’m trying to build a model of the geodome and i have some troubles with structural beams. If it possible to align them to the center of the sphere? Thx)



Nice looking geodestic dome. I will be making one in the next couple of months too and then will be able to help out more. I’ve encountered this overshooting and asked the forum too. I’m pretty sure a possible solution is the the last couple of posts here:

One option would be to create a vector from the mid point of the beam to the center of the sphere, measure the angle between that vector and the Z axis with “AngleBetween”, convert it to radians(not sure if this is still necessary after version 0.8) and apply that angle to the beam’s cross-sectional rotation parameter.

Below is a definition that does what I think Dimitar has suggested.

Doesn’t work too well though :frowning:

File: geodesic-dome.dyn


Thanks for reply! This is what i came up. I made a solids on the edges of the dome to represet beams. i wander if it possible to convert them into real strutural beams and use edges of the dome as analysis model for them?

There’s a new version of the “Vector.AngleBetween” node that accepts a “rotation axis” input. I’m not sure if it was available in the stable build but it’s available in the dailies. If you feed the beam’s location line direction as a rotation axis, you should get some more consistent orientation. Still, it’s not a perfect solution tho.