Structural Beam Tagging in series order


I’m working on code. which place tags to all structural bema in series order. I tried the below code as per some references in the forum. But still, I’m not able to provide series order tags,
Help me to solve this code.

I want tags in series order.

Dynamo code:
Beamm Tag Series-TEST-R01.dyn (184.3 KB)

You might replace process of start and end point of beams locations with only point in the middle of those locations and sort them with Y first then sort with X.

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Are you trying to make some sort of erection plan? This is an interesting problem as Revit assigns element IDs in random order.

Thank you for your reply, If u don’t mind can I get a map for reference.

only I’m trying to arrange tags for existing beams in plans.

Thank you very much it’s working…

But I’m getting in reverse order, not like yours, can u check once

Put a (Reverse List) Node After each sort nodes in the script to solve Y Direction sort.

You might Sort also after Y by X values ( Same scenario ) and use reverse if you need.

Thankyou very Much…Working fine…

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Small Problem in code, there is some misarrangement in numbering.