String Split at Indexes

Is there a way to replace multiple indexes for a single string in one command?

If I supply more than one index value for a single string the string is duplicated for each value with only that values index replaced.

Example: Replacing the following string/sentence at index 10 and 20 with “!”.

This is a sample string sentence.

Results in two outputs:

This is a !sample string sentence.

This is a sample str!ing sentence.


The ideal solution would be This is a !sample str!ing sentence.

Hi Jeff,

A while ago it was possible to do this with recursive nodes by nesting the same node in itself. However from what I can tell, this functionality is not supported any more. It is still possible to to create node-only recursive work-flows with the “LoopWhile” node but you have to be careful when using it, because it’s very easy to create endless loops.

The only other viable alternative is to use recursive code - either DesignScript, Python or C# here’s an example of each approach:


Hi, try sth like this: