Replace a item at different indexes in a nested list

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to Replace an item at different indexes in a nested list . But it does not work as i expected.
Could someone help me

Hello @skot …try something here…

Hello @sovitek

Thankyou for your reply

What if I want to replace multiple indexes in list(0),list (1),list(2) .Is this possible with the same method.

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Yes it should be possible…probably its best to use replace at index from clockwork…

or with clockwork…

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Hello @sovitek ,

Sorry .The way I mentioned my previous question was wrong . I will try to be more specific this time

Suppose if want to replace 3 indexes in list (0) , 2 indexes in list (1) and 4 indexes in list (2) with the same item. Is there any method to acheive this result.

Basically I use dynamo with Autodesk Alias as host . So we do not have any packages like clockwork you mentioned. We should try to get through standard nodes.

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Hello @sovitek ,

We can use design script also

allright…here is the difference between ootb node and clockworks…i will see i can fix it with ootb…

Hello @sovitek ,

We do not have access to this packages in dynamo with Autodesk Alias as host.
So we should acheive the required output with standard nodes or with design script

See if this works for you

repMul.dyn (8.5 KB)

ct01 = (1..List.Count(lst<1>))-1;
ls01 = List.Contains(List.Transpose((ct01<1> == id01<1><2>)<1>)<1><2>,true);
ls02 = ls01<1><2> ? "A" : lst<1><2>;

@Vikram_Subbaiah …nice one as usual :wink:

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A version of the above with nodes…
repMul.dyn (24.0 KB)

Hello Vikram ,
Thankyou for your reply
I could not find arrows to change list levels in the IF node which is it at last . I have marked it in the image below for your reference . I use Dynamo core . This is the latest version of Dynamo for Autodesk alias host . Do you have any solution for this problem?