String run into

I’m Beginner of Dynamo. I have a list of strings. But i would like analize each char into this string and get some characters. ¿what node can do that?

In this image you can see in the list that in 0 "1_Line (startpoint = Point(X = -6.828 … "etc. I want take de chars -6.828. In another programs like c++ you can use the command len and run into the string getting each char. I don´t know what kind of nodes i must use. ¿Can anyone helpme? Thank you.

I would recommend looking through the primer. Link Below to the String section. It does a really good job on how to manipulate strings.

Thank you very much both. I really apreciate your help

Sorry, but in this case string manipulation makes no sense at all.

Of course i’m in your way, but the other information is good for another things.

Andreas, i was programmer in C++. I know programming but my problem is that Dynamo is not familiar to me because a lot of nodes.
Any suggestion to learn faster?