Read .txt and convert in a list of number

Hello everyone!

I would like to transform a list of numbers (strings), read from a txt file, into a list of values ​​(numbers) to be inserted as extrusion distances.
How can i do?

thank you!

String.ToNumber node might help.

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thank you.
i’ve tried but doesn’t work with the list.
one string to one number works but list of strings to list of numbers doesn’t.
i’m new with dynamo, maybe i make some mistakes.
can you show me an example?

You don’t have a list yet - you have a single string with all the numbers in it. What single number is this (remember you only get to pick one number):


Doesn’t make sense right? You have to tell Dynamo where the strings split between each number.

Use a String.Split node with a new line character (string node and hit return once as the input) to split the values by line. Then use a String.ToNumber node to convert the data type.

thank you both!
it works!