Splitting strings in dynamo 2.18.1

Can someone help me split this string? It doesnt seem to work with any of the shown methods.

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Hi @verdisweet hmmm which version are you in i have just tested in 2024 and works for me as expected

In Revit 2024.1
In all the other version I have the same result as yours. In this one, the latest one version …sadly, not.

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Hmmm strange…first time i hear that…i guess you should try made an issue on github

I think this is the main issue. Ok. Ive never posted something on github but will try it there. Thank you for your time :+1:

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Yes seems so…could it be an issue from addin or other packages @jacob.small

I think that this is another symptom of a known issue based on the system settings. Try updating to 2024.1.1 which was released yesterday and see if that changes the behavior.

FYI: @Michael_Kirschner2

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Thankx for your reply. The problem is with numbers, not with strings. And the problem is how a number, written as string is seen in Dynamo, I think.

Hi @verdisweet take a look here

Are you using the latest dynamo version? Cause it is working like you say in my earlier version but not in the latest.

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arhhh no not the latest verion…that issue is new to me, does it split the right way if you use “.”; as seperator instead “,”;

"12" converting to 12.0000 seems quite problematic to me. It was defined as a string directly, adding the additional decimals alters the desired input. Flagging with development.

this is an unfortunate bug, it does not actually modify the data, but just the preview. We have reverted this change in 2.19+.

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So if this is true the “,” isn’t splitting the string as it doesn’t exist. Try adding a space (" ") to the end of the string and see what you get.

I take it back - the appended character can’t be white space or in the numberic set ( 0…9 and decimal).