Strange dispaly of lists in Code Block

I try to divide geometry (lines) using 2 methods: Code Blocks and Nodes.

Code Blocks return good values but when I click them display go crazy. And when I take the item from Code Block, which is displayed wrong (using List.GetItemAtIndex) and click it it is correct.
I thought something is wrong with levels, but I tried many configurations and it does not matter.

If someone did not understood my description here’s GIF :

hmm so the data is all the same but the labels are incorrect?

Yes indeed.
Working in Code Block save time&space but incorrect labels make very difficult to verifying outputs.

Can you share your dyn?

No need for the dyn - the error is reproducible on my end from any code block with more than one output. Note that the issue applies not just to watch nodes but to the preview as well. Using any function applied to the output produces the correct result again. @MarcinLas, you can use another code block as a pass through to get the desired output as shown in this screencast: