Select element from link

I am wondering if there’s a specific node that allows selecting an element from link file :slight_smile:

Hi @abdu2736,

Springs has got this node:


Steam nodes has this node:

Ofcourse after that you can filter the Elements based on parameter values etc.

hi, Martin, thank for replying, but my problem never dealt with the linked file, therefore is it possible to show me how or what should I put inside the node you mentioned:)? for example, if I wanna select only the slab from link file,
thank you again

If you hover over the node, it will actually descibe how to use it :slight_smile:

So place the node (and plug in a boolean toggle to reset it), press run -> select the link -> select the element you want to handle.

This copy’s it, if you just wanna select it leave the last node out

Really thank you for the help you gave me :slight_smile:

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