Staggered Penalization of Curved Surface (at equal cord lengths)

Dear all,

I would appreciate your input and help on this.

I am trying to create a staggered penalization on this curved surface(attached).
what I’ve done so far is as follows:

1- pick the surface face
2- point out the surface perimeter curves
3- chose one of the side curves using point at parameter 0.5 on each and filtering out the Z coordinate of each and selecting one of the mid-range Z coordinate curves (side curves)
4- dividing that curve by chord length (as required)
5- draw horizontal planes through those points

6- Pick the top (wider) curve of the surface
7- dividing it by equal chord lengths ( as required)
8- then I wanted to create vertical planes through those points (so I offset that curve divided it by same amount as base curve) and created a line running between the offset curve and the original curve and moved that line in Z direction, SO now I have 3 points in space that I can create that vertical plane from (this is my logic of finding the vertical planes :stuck_out_tongue: ) i’ve been working on dynamo for 2 days only.

anyway, so now I use geometry intersect to intersect all the planes and perimeter curves… and I guess here is were I got lost on the best practice… to find all the intersection points so I can feed them into one of the paneling nodes in the packages I downloaded.

Please help :smiley: thank you!

Try using LunchBox custom nodes it has got some useful nodes for panels.