SQL Lite Command not Working

I am able to Query the Data from the SQL but When giving Command to Insert the Data It is showing False

All Type are TEXT for the table

I think it’s probably how your concatenating your command.

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These are the Slingshot nodes- right ?

In the post @SeanP included- I noted that you need to use the ‘command’ node for an insert query.

I’m not sure why this is, as in normal SQL parlance a ‘query’ is any kind of code/commands- i.e SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, TRUNCATE etc
Maybe is is the more usual meaning of a query just being an interrogation i.e SELECT

As @SeanP noted- you need to get the concatenation connect- the SQL query string will need quotes around text values- also detailed in the linked post


Should have added- it can be useful to copy/paste the SQL output string from Dynamo into a tool where you can run SQL queries- it may give a meaningful error or help in troubleshooting