Springs.Dictionary.Bykeysvalue_ different versions

Hi, I downloaded Spring Nodes, to use Dictionary.Bykeysvalue, but I realized that there are many versions of it and I am needing the older one.The last version includes a “default value” input, and the older one don´t. My script don´t need this input, also i don´t how to use it.

dictionary by keys value 02

I need the older version, do you know where can i find it?
dictionary by keys value 01

You don’t need to use defaultValue if you don’t want to. I rarely do. It just allows you to assign a new value for keys that don’t exist in your dictionary (instead of null).


That node hasn’t changed radically from the first time I published the package. Still, if you go to the Package Search window and click on any package’s name, you’ll see a detailed view showing all previous versions of that package:

If a package has a repository, you can browse that to compare the differences and particularly narrow down to a specific change in the node:

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Thanks Dimitar,
What is the version number who has 3 inputs not 4?

That would be v121.0.0


Or native:


Thanks again!