Spring Nodes - Works 15% of the time






Spring Nodes works about 15% of the time I use it. Specifically FamilyInstance.ByGeometry. I am trying to standardize the Generic Model rhino to revit workflow so one does not have to set up a container family. I have to be doing something wrong because people are having success with this package. Any ideas?

It appears you are giving a number as a family name rather than a string. String From Object from your sequence should help.

Just tried that and still a no go.

A couple of things that I’m seeing:

  1. Looks like you are inputting an item and not a list. Try running your geometry into a list.create node before inputting to the main node

  2. You have uneven lists. The aforementioned geometry node and the sequence (a list) may be conflicting. Try changing your lacing to longest list.

Not sure if either of these will make it work, but a couple of things to try.

Nope. Has anybody got this node in sprig nodes to work? have examples?


Every time I have used this workflow I leave the material and subcategories blank. Do you have files to share?

Hi Vail,

I don’t really see any problems with the above. The only thing that comes to mind is that the family template must be the same version as your Revit instance, otherwise the update process will hang the family creation.

You can feed in both single objects and lists - things work with longest lacing internally. The node will automatically convert numbers to strings and will give you a warning if there’s a mismatch between the geometry and names list.

A few more questions to narrow things down:

  • are you seeing any error messages? (add a watch node to the instance output)
  • are you on the latest version of spring nodes?
  • what's your Revit & Dynamo version?


I’ve had a lot of success using 2014 family templates in 2016 Revit/Dynamo 0.9.2 with FamilyInstance.ByGeometry. There is a brief pause during upgrade, but it works. Has something changed in the 1.0.0 version?

There aren’t any changes. I just remember I managed to hang Revit once by running mismatched file versions. I’m not sure if it was because the template was from an earlier or a later version. So, just to be safe, make sure that the versions always match :slight_smile: