SPRING NODES Family instance by geometry materials

Hi all¡¡ I am having some problems to set a material to a dynamo geometry…i don´t know what i am doing wrong but i think that it is not working well…the material has some properties like transparency and also a hatch and it doesn´t looks like in my project when I create the family from Dynamo. Some images explainig the problem:

The material name is “MMEI” and i have try to connect directly the code block to the springs node and also doesn´t work like this…

@Dimitar_Venkov maybe u know why…Thank u some much guys¡¡ :smiley:

Does the material exist inside your family template? You have to make sure that you have a material with that name and those settings inside your family template beforehand, otherwise the default material will be used instead. Last time I checked, it was not easy to transfer materials from projects to families.


Looks like the material exists and has been applied to the geometry so I’d confirm no visibility settings are hiding what you’re after. Try changing the material to something you know will work (like a glass material or a wood grain from your template).

Sorry for the Delay guys, i have been some days out of my country. That the problem @Dimitar_Venkov that i thought that the node use the material in the project not in the family template…this material was in my project not in the family template. Thank u so much¡¡¡ i have solve the problem, anyway, note that if you change the settings in the visibility of the view it solves also the problem, but i don´t know why it doesn´t work if u do it changing the view of the element individually…thank u¡¡