Spot Elevation of Structural truss

I’ve searched the forums and was not able to find much, so I am turning to the forums for some help.

Is there a way for Dynamo to place a Spot Elevation of a Structural truss in plan?

On a Course level of detail only the location line of the truss is visible on plan. Revit will not allow me to place a spot elevation with that. If I use a Medium level of detail I can see the top chord member of my truss, which I can use the spot elevation. However, I do not want to see everything as “double line” presentation. I need to keep the view as a Course level of detail. When I switch back to Course level, the spot elevation disappears since that beam is no longer visible at a Course level of detail.

To my understanding, the location line of the truss does not show the “true” top elevation of the truss.

I am not sure if this can even be done, which is also why I’m turning to the forum to see what others might think.

Sadly I have no work to show, since I’m not even sure where to start. Any help is more than welcome.

Hello, it will be possible to get the “Single/Upper Value” from any elevation spot tag and to set it to a shared parameter in the truss properties. Then the truss can be tagged with an annotation which contains this shared parameter in a label, even in a coarse view. Hope this helps…

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Thank you. That helps me.

I tried it before answering :innocent:

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